At Merino Monsters we use nature’s finest New Zealand merino wool because it is an amazing fiber to dress kids in.  We know Kids love wearing merino and Merino Monsters are inspired by the children who test and love our clothing.  So why is merino so awesome? 

We only use the highest quality ultra fine merino which is incredibly soft and lightweight, super comfy so kids won't itch.   Merino is not bulky like jumpers, so movement is not restricted - perfect for cold days out on the bikes or kicking a ball.  Different to other wool a single merino fibre is very fine, about 1/10 the thickness of hair, which is why it is so soft and silky to wear.

Merino breathes and regulates body temperature much better than cotton and synthetics, put merino next to your kid’s skin and they won't get cold but wont get too hot either, this keeps them happy and comfortable.


Merino is a superior choice over synthetics baselayers, New Zealand merino sheep graze in the mountains and are exposed to hot summers and very cold winters, so their fleece is perfect for allowing the sheep to adjust to these temperatures and guess what? Merino Monsters clothing does the same for kids.  Merino wool works with your child's own body, the natural wool fibers constantly absorb and release moisture allowing your child's body to regulate itself.  Merino wool “breathes” allowing the body to “breathe”.

Merino naturally stretches and bends which is why merino is durable and keeps its shape wash after wash.  Merino is machine washable and quick drying, which is handy because kids don’t like to take it off for long.

Merino is versatile, wearing a base layer under a t-shirt will extend a summer wardrobe and there is no need for heavy jumpers.  Merino looks awesome teamed up with jeans or a pretty tunic with merino leggings looks great.   Merino Monsters have created fun and colourful merino clothing that your kids will enjoy wearing everyday.

Unlike synthetics merino wool is 100% natural; not made from oil based chemicals.  Wool is a sustainable product, New Zealand merino sheep graze in the mountains and hills of New Zealand, their fleece is shorn for our merino fabric and guess what, the sheep grow it back again!  Wool is naturally biodegradable so when it can no longer be worn you can sleep easy knowing it wont be knocking about for another few decades like synthetics. 

So...that is why New Zealand merino is so awesome, it is the best quality merino, it cannot be beaten for warmth and comfort and it looks great.