Washing Instructions

Well Merino Monsters clothing was inspired by three boys so washing is high on the agenda!

First of all it is worth remembering that merino is naturally antibacterial and if you hang it out in the fresh air or over a rail it does not need washing very often - that is why extreme athletes, yachts people, mountain climbers and the like love merino, it keeps fresh even in extreme conditions, unlike sweaty synthetics which make you pong.

So if your merino is not soiled just air it for a few hours, which is perfect when skiing and snow boarding or camping, kids can wear the same merino all week, no problem.

However we know you will need to wash it at some point.  So just stick it in the washing machine on the warm or cool setting, use a wool friendly detergent (Ecover Wool Liquid is great) and then either air dry, hang it over a rail (it wont take long) or tumble on a low heat.

Merino is pretty easy to care for, not like your granny’s wool, but it is a natural fibre and deserves respect, it does not like being wrung out, or harsh detergents. Do not over dry so do not hang your merino over a radiator or leave in the boiler cupboard.  

The care label on your garments will remind you of how to care for your merino.