Lucy Lunges loves our snood for triathlon

Lucy Lunges reviews our snood, perfect for triathlon training

Neon Merino Wool

This month merino monsters featured in InTheSnow Magazine  Click to read the article!


                                           100% pure merino, wear the merino monsters snood 8 ways - check out how!

Merino Socks Rock

Merino wool kids socks are like putting little feet into a cuddle, soft, warm, cosy and kind.

Kids merino ski base layers, are they worth the money?

What makes merino so effective on the mountain, is it worth the money or will a cheaper 'thermal' do the job?

Merino Base Layers for Karting

Why does merino wool make the perfect kids base layers for karting?  Well to start with merino is naturally fire retardant!

Five reasons to buy merino wool for your kids

Five reasons to buy merino wool for your kids

In honour of wool awareness week we would like to remind you of why buying merino wool for your children is the perfect choice. #lovemerinowool #woolcampaign

Ryder Cup Team Loves Wool

Yes!  We were really pleased to see the European Ryder Cup team sporting some gorgeous woollen tops over the weekend.  Wool really is amazing and we think the team looked great too.  In fact we LOVED  Europes Ryder Cup clothing!!

The cruel side of wool

An unnecessary cruelty supported by the drive by certain farmers to increase profits at the expense of animal welfare.  Before I explain what mulesing is, I want you to know merino monsters DOES NOT EVER use merino wool from mulesed sheep.  We think it is wrong.  However unless you know about mulesing the chances are that you and I, at some point, have unknowingly purchased wool from mulesed sheep.

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