Merino Monsters is an ethical choice, we take great care over where our Merino comes from and how our products are produced. We are able to ensure that all environmental, animal health and workplace practices are of the highest standard from farm to finished garment.   

Our Customers

Our Merino Monsters are the kids that wear our clothing.  We want merino monsters to be out there actively doing their thing and enjoying the wonderful world we live in.  We are committed to celebrating children's achievements and promoting sport for kids. Being active is at the heart of a healthy lifestyle and the best time to learn to love sport is childhood.



Merino Monsters do not only focus on producing the best kids merino clothing, we are also committed to taking care of the planet for our kids future.  We manufacture our clothing in a factory in Hastings, New Zealand and only use the highest quality merino fabric.  New Zealand has been at the forefront of merino clothing, and has world leading expertise in producing merino clothing, Chinese copies are not the same!



Workers who produce our clothing are protected by the New Zealand workers regulations and WE KNOW who makes our clothing!  We believe in fairness.  We don't believe it is right to force down costs when it results in poor wages and poor workers rights.  The Rana Plaza disaster has devastated a community and highlighted the issues which exist in the clothing industry, these issues are real and effect human lives.  Merino Monsters offer a genuine choice and an alternative to cheaper, lower quality and mass produced clothing.  Kids will be proud to wear a product that they know has been produced in a truly ethical and fair way, by people who are as passionate about merino as we are.



Our merino clothing is made in New Zealand and produced to the highest environmental standard.  What is more, 70% of energy in New Zealand is from a renewable source, now that is something to shout about!  


Animal Welfare

We care about the welfare of the awesome merino sheep which provide our wool.  New Zealand has a high standard of animal welfare.  None of the merino we use is from mulesed sheep.  Mulesing is a cruel and unnecessary procedure which many merino sheep suffer, whenever you buy merino or any wool product, make sure it is mulesing free.